Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Join Our Network of Partners

The Specialty Retail Association is accepting partners into our network to help us support specialty industries. We offer three ways of partnering with us at NO COST TO YOU: installing our donation plugin to start fundraising directly from your site, becoming a merchant processing partner and donating a small percentage of each transaction to the SRA, or by joining as a brand affiliate and offering discounts or rebates on your products.

Donation Plugin

Our donation plugin is easy to install and frictionless for your customers. It adds a simple checkbox to the checkout page that will round up the cart total to the next whole dollar. By installing our donation plugin, you’ll be supporting the SRA’s mission to protect our network of businesses, manufacturers, distributors, and brands.

To get started with our donation plugin, simply fill out our sign-up form and we’ll be in contact. Our team will provide all the resources you need to install the plugin and start accepting donations from your customers.

Merchant Processing Partner

As a merchant processing partner, you’ll not only be supporting the SRA but also enjoying peace of mind that is not offered by any other merchant processing platform – you’ll never get dropped again! We have partnered with a financial institution that focuses on specialty industries and understands the risks involved. You won’t have to worry about held funds, frozen accounts, or being dropped by your processor anymore. A portion of the bank’s processing fee will be donated to the SRA at no additional cost to you.  The transaction fees offered through this program are competitive with other processors and the donation is included in the base fee.  No additional fees or percentages are taken to collect the donation.

To become a merchant processing partner, fill out this form to show your interest and receive more information about our program. Our team will guide you through the process and provide you with the resources you need to get started.

Brand Affiliate

We are delighted to invite you to become a member of our brand affiliate program, which represents a new and exciting opportunity. Our primary objective is to combat prohibition and advocate for the accessibility of counterculture products such as hemp, kratom, and vape items. Through this program, we aim to provide additional value and benefits to consumers while promoting engagement with your brand.

The membership program has been designed to generate advantages for both our members and the brands involved. By extending discounts, utilities, services, and incentives, our intention is to inspire customers to actively support the mission of our organization while also connecting with your brand. The proceeds generated from membership sales will be directed towards funding our collective endeavors in the fight against prohibition.

By joining our brand affiliate program, you will be contributing to a greater cause while gaining exposure and engagement from a dedicated and passionate consumer base. This program not only benefits the members but also serves as a platform to enhance brand visibility and customer loyalty. We look forward to your participation in this initiative as we work together to make a meaningful impact in promoting access to counterculture products and fighting against prohibition.

Join Our Network Today

By joining our network, you’ll gain access to a community of like-minded businesses and individuals who share your passion for specialty industries. You’ll also be supporting our mission to create a collaborative network that supports specialty industries and provides resources, legal advice, business guides, and political advocacy to its members.

Thank you for considering partnering with the Specialty Retail Association. We look forward to working with you to support specialty industries and help businesses thrive.